Stairs To The Rainbow
Stairs To The Rainbow
Stairs To The Rainbow
Stairs To The Rainbow
Stairs To The Rainbow


Stairs To The Rainbow

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Stairs To The Rainbow presents completely different figures. This Educational Building Blocks Set of 9 pieces provides values of healthy life and sustainable kid's development. Also it inspires open-ended play without harmful substances.

  • handmade in Russia
  • dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 3cm
  • eco-friendly made with linden wood
  • non-lacquered, natural finish
  • hypoallergenic, non-toxic
  • EN 71.3 compliant

*Recommended age from 3+

Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Bacteria do not multiply like on plastic. However, we know how kids can play with toys and probably you will need to clean them.
Small dirt can be wiped with a alcohol-free wet wipe. Avoid soaking and mechanical friction
It is forbiden to use these toys when playing with water because its impossible to get full water resistance with natural wooden materials. Also wood may lose it's smooth surface.

* Recommended to play only under adult supervision.
* Handmade toys. You get a unique piece!
* Colors may give slightly different results depending on pieces of wood. It also depends on your monitor and smartphone settings.
* Since we use water-based wax for our toys with frequent play the details may leave a slight mark of colour. Its the feature of natural wax intended for children's toys. And yes that is also the reason why our toys can be nibbled